Sports & leisure

For many years, we have been producing sports materials for a wide variety of applications. For sports mats, camping tents, caravan awnings, pool covers, boat covers and inflatables. This extensive range of products with a wide variety of colours, embossings and widths, includes membranes for bouncing castles, jumping pillows, tatamis, leather look sports mats, security mats, boxing rings, high jump mats, indoor playgrounds, pole vault mats, gymnastics,…

Sports mat

Technical textiles for any sports activity and leisure or play mat. Also phthalate free.

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Safe and durable technical textiles for roofs, side walls, mud flaps and ground sheets for camping tents.

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Specialised technical textiles for pool covers, fences and protection barriers.

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Special grained, durable and UV resistant technical textiles for both summer and winter boat covers.

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Very solid and tear and breaking resistant technical textiles for bouncing castles and jumping pillows.

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