Sports mat

Technical textiles for tatamis, high jump mats, indoor playgrounds, pole vault mats, gymnastics, security mats, boxing rings, play mats and many more. Special embossing ensures the right spec for the right sports. Tatamis for instance, require a rice grain embossing. Other sports mats require a leather grain embossing. Depending on the requirements, we can make any technical textile for any sports mat, including safety mats and nets. The range also includes anti-skid material.

Sioen set a new standard within the industry with a collection which is entirely phthalate free. These products are fully Reach-compliant and without substances listed in the annex XIV of the European Reach regulation. The Sioen G range (phthalate free), is child proof and environment friendly. The perfect membrane for your sports mats, jumping pillows and playgrounds.

Highlighted fabrics

For tailor made products according to your specs, please contact us.