Our company

We are a European producer of coated technical textiles. Our direct coating, also known as “Sioline”, is world market leader in coated technical textiles for a wide range of applications such as side curtains, tilts and tarpaulins for trucks, railway wagons and containers, sports mats, swimming pool covers, biogas installations, manure covers, tensile architecture, publicity banners and many more.

We’ve organised our standard range of direct coated technical textiles according to applications in separate collections.

Engineered technology

The coating paste (PVC, silicone, PU, ...) is directly applied to the fabric in four layers. Varnish (acrylic, TiO2,...) and embossing (mat, glossy, rice grain, 3D cube, leather look, ...) is done in the same run.

Our plants are very performant, fully automated and state-of-the-art. The lines are cleverly engineered and allow to coat the back and front side of the fabrics in one run. This avoids stop-and-go between the various layering and lacquering processes. The product is not exposed to unfavourable thermal or mechanical shocks, which results in an unbeatable quality. This engineered production process provides an extraordinary product stability, flat stretched fabric with better overall properties and short lead times.

Our production plant, R&D facilities and sales offices are situated in Ardooie, Belgium.

Tailored to your needs

We have an extensive portfolio of standard products that are available from stock. We, and/or our distributors, keep stock on different locations in the world in order to be able to serve you right away.

Because we have the entire production process under one roof, from yarn, over woven fabrics, nonwovens and coated textiles to chemicals and finishing in house, we can always offer tailor made solutions. Our specialist team of engineers, researchers and dedicated developers always design the technical textile according to your specifications.

We offer customer support by phone and by mail. Please feel free to contact us in case you wish to further explore new markets or develop new products.

Train in our showrooms

We also provide training for our customers/distributors. At our Ardooie headquarters, we boast 8 000 m² showrooms. It is the place to see new products, to get to meet the team and to make familiarise yourself with the technicality of our products. Apart from meeting again with your designated sales manager and appropriate sales assistant, it gives you the opportunity to become more acquainted with our people behind the scenes (quality, R&D, logistics, marketing, ...).

Part of Sioen

We are part of the Sioen Industries Group and can rely on more than 110 years of textile experience. The company focuses on high quality technical textiles and has the entire production process.

Our production capabilities are gigantic. We focus on efficiency and manufacturing excellence in all our plants. We value people and planet and have a set of rules, guidelines and specific actions, making us into the strong, engages, socially responsible company we are today. Our words are translated in many certificates. Please consult our CSR website for more information about our certificates and memberships.

We daily live the corporate slogan: “protection through innovation”. Our innovation reflects in our products and the team of engineers and developers works with high tech equipment in sophisticated labs and always in close contact with our clients. Our 360° view on all aspects of textiles is a major advantage for all our customers.

The company's straightforward Vision, Mission and Family Values are clearly established in the annual corporate report, as are our healthy financials. This makes us a solid partner in all your projects.

Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

Together we can change the world. By continuous improvement of all aspects of sustainability as an integral part of our strategy and of what all Sioen employees are doing every day — day in and day out.

Sioen Tensile Architecture is part of the Sioen Group. Being a large international company, we are aware of our social, environmental and economic responsibilities in society. Therefore, Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our company strategy.

Sioen’s Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility refers to “the responsibility a company has when it comes to the effects they have on society, taking into account social, environmental and economic considerations into the overall management” (source). On our dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) website you can find the many actions Sioen is involved in. Those include sponsorships, sustainable products, the umbrella associations we are part of and the certificates we hold, among others.

Our CSR approach
Our CSR approach is based on four different views. The first one is the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), which address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and injustice. The second view is based on the Triple Bottom Line framework: People, Prosperity and planet. We have added two more “P’s”: Partnership and Peace. This 5 P’s approach helps us measure our business when it comes to sustainability.

For the third view, we have selected five topics that we call our Sioen Focal Points. The topics that we will give extra attention are: energy, waste, sustainable products, credentials and human resources. Our final view focuses on certificates, memberships and awards. They reflect our dedication to CSR-related themes, and they prove that what we’re claiming are not just hollow words.

Technical glossary

Our glossary is a brief dictionary. It contains an alphabetical list of words/topics relating to our professional jargon: coated technical textiles.

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