Sioline, European producer of coated fabrics

Your interest in Sioline means a lot to us. We have been around since 1960 as a trusted partner and a manufacturer of coated fabrics catering to a multitude of sectors, industries and applications with our technical textiles. Discover what Sioline stands for and how our coated fabrics can benefit your business on this page.

A trusted manufacturer of coated fabrics

Sioline (part of Sioen) is a European manufacturer of coated technical textiles, specializing in direct coating techniques. Our company offers products around the world for a wide range of applications such as side curtains, tents & halls, biogas membranes, tensile architecture, and many more. Sioline produces both standard coated fabrics and specialised textiles. Thanks to our vertical integration and great technical expertise, we regularly provide tailor-made, advanced coated solutions to our many customers. Sioline is a proud part of Sioen Industries and shares the same high production standards, drive for innovation and customer-focus of the group.

Sioen Industries NV

Sioen Industries NV (‘Sioen’) is the name of the multinational group that includes Sioline. Sioen is a world-renowned textile solutions provider. Founded in the 1960s in Belgium, Sioen has gradually grown into a highly diversified, global industrial group employing around 6,000 people around the world. Sioen develops, produces and distributes a wide variety of products within the world of technical textiles: fibres, colouring solutions, wovens and non-wovens, coated fabrics and protective clothing. Technical superiority is what binds all divisions. With permanent investments in state-of-the-art machinery, innovation and talent, Sioen continuously lifts its products, people and business partners to new heights. We invite you to learn more about Sioen Industries via our group's corporate website.

Our reliable, high-quality production process

Sioline specializes in manufacturing coated fabrics, surpassing market standards in efficiency and quality. Our dedication to innovation, meticulous care for machinery, advanced engineering, and specialized expertise drives us to produce superior coated technical textiles for diverse applications. We utilize a unique 12-position direct coating technique, with each production step rigorously monitored by both the machinery and skilled operators, ensuring unparalleled quality. Robots assist in handling materials, and we create our own PVC pastes in-house, enhancing our self-sufficiency and quality assurance. Real-time data on various production aspects enables us to uphold the highest standards, swiftly address any issues, and guarantee consistent, top-tier product quality, which remains our Production team's primary commitment towards you.

Quality-driven & ISO Certified

At Sioline, quality is integral to our operations. We design our coated fabrics for maximum durability, repairability, and recyclability, ensuring value and reducing resource waste. Our R&D team's expertise contributes to our sustainable approach and constant quality assurance. We're also deeply involved in industry alliances, hold numerous ISO certifications, including ISO 9001, which affirms our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. Compliance with REACH underscores our commitment to safe chemical use. Our numerous awards are a great acknowledgement of our dedication to quality. Explore our memberships, (ISO) certifications, and accolades on our dedicated website.

Innovation at the core of our activities

At Sioline, innovation is more than mere product updates or new materials. We cultivate an environment where every team member contributes to innovation, supported by our open-door culture that accelerates decision-making and embraces new opportunities. Our commitment to innovation means continuously enhancing our coated fabric offering with new features, standards, and applications. This also means we welcome expanding into new markets and creating novel business models. Central to this ethos is our R&D department, the heart of our innovation, where the fertile combination of exhaustive product testing, deep expertise and close cooperation with customers leads to constant progress. We pride ourselves on rapid development, stringent testing, customer-focused flexibility, and the ability to tailor coated technical textile solutions to the market's needs. For more information about our R&D and how we work daily on the realisation of our baseline "Protection through Innovation", please visit our dedicated website.

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