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Discover Sioline's comprehensive selection of top-tier coated technical textiles, tailored for biogas installations and a range of applications in agriculture and aquaculture. Delve into our specialised coated fabrics, ideal for manure tanks and roofs, alongside our mesh and technical textiles crafted for stable and machine protection. We provide fabrics for flexitanks and membranes suited for both non-food and food-related uses. Our assortment also includes both coated and uncoated textiles perfect for waterborne activities like fish farming.

Choose from our technical textiles for biogas membranes, available in strength classes from Type 1 to 5, designed to meet various requirements. Our fabrics are not only directly weldable, dirt repellent, and chemical resistant but also offer robust protection against a variety of substances. For biogas membranes and manure tanks, this includes hydrolytic-resistant materials like manure and sewage sludge, as well as grease-resistant elements found in slaughter waste and soybean scraps. Benefit from our advanced production techniques, which incorporate special fabrics, additives, and polymers to ensure minimal gas permeability, keeping the gas securely contained in the installation. You can rely on Sioline to be the provider you need for your coated fabrics for biogas, agro & aquaculture.

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