Reliability assured, with our warranty

At Sioline, we strive to ensure that our warranties are as outstanding as our products. We firmly believe that a product and its warranty should complement each other perfectly.

Clear warranties for a longterm cooperation

For many decades now, Sioline has been a leading manufacturer of coated technical textiles, always prioritizing partnerships with our customers. Our commitment to excellent quality, exceptional service and reliable warranties underpins our longterm customer relationships. Our warranties offer peace of mind through a clear, legally binding commitment, detailing rights, obligations, and remedies if issues arise. Each Sioline product, unique in its design and color, comes with a tailored warranty, ensuring a top-notch service and quick, adequate solution.

Our vertical integration, your additional guarantee

When purchasing goods and materials, securing warranties is crucial, not just from the seller but also from others in the supply chain responsible for potential defects. At Sioline, this situation is transparent: we manufacture the components of your coated fabric in-house in our advanced European facilities - from the weave, over the colour pigments & varnishes, to the eventual coated technical textile. We take our responsibility in warranty requests, as our vertical integration makes us the responsible party for the goods we produce. With Sioline, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Registering a warranty request or claim

To register your warranty or claim, please contact your sales assistant or sales manager. Do make sure you have all necessary information, documents and visuals at hand. The better documented you are, the better we can proceed and the faster your request can be handled. Your longterm business and a solid cooperation is of the highest priority to us.

Our warranties are our word, a promise to our customers.

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