Colour range

Colours to your heart's or business' content

At Sioline, we provide a wide array of standard colours for our coated fabrics, and offer bespoke colouring options to meet your unique needs. Discover our wide and world-renowned colour range here.

Plain colours

Our inventory readily supplies various standard colours, while any off-stock colours can be quickly provided upon request. You just have to explore our B6000 with its over 60 different standard colours to know how wide Sioline's standard collection of plain colours truly is.

Metallic colours

In addition to classic solid colours, Sioline's collection features an array of metallic colours such as silver, copper, gold, and rosé, adding a touch of elegance and splendour to your designs. To ensure consistency for your subsequent orders, we retain a sample of the coated fabric in your chosen colour, enabling us to replicate the exact hue for your future needs.

Custom colours

Opting for a standard colour accelerates your project timeline, but a custom shade might align better with your vision. Colour selection is crucial for your choice of coated fabric, and Sioline is dedicated to achieving the precise hue you require. Inform us of your specific RAL colour, and our Sioen Colouring Solutions division will create the exact pigment paste for you. This in-house process, part of Sioline's sister division, caters not only to our needs but also serves a broad array of external clients, with a spectrum boasting tens of thousands of colours for you to take advantage of in your diverse projects.

Standard colours for Tensile Architecture

Colours can make or break a project. Selecting the right colour is a challenge with a high impact on Tensile Architecture applications. At Sioline, we realise this importance and that is why we offer a range of popular standard colours for these specialised coated membranes. Should your desired colour not be included in the following overview, please contact us so we can offer you a tailor-made colouring solution for your coated fabric:

Sioline's standard colours for Tensile Architecture (indicative colours - please check samples for physical correspondence)

Your project, your colours. Challenge us and we'll make it happen.

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