Tensile architecture

Enabling the future of lightweight building

Explore how Sioline's extensive collection of specialized coated technical textiles can elevate your tensile architecture projects. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of architects, our fabrics are categorized into three main ranges, each designed to address specific requirements with varying strength classes (Type 0 to 5) and material finishes. Our membranes are not only directly weldable but also boast exceptional UV resistance and flame retardancy, ensuring durability and safety.

For enhanced light control and solar protection, we offer options with block-out capabilities. Our collection for tensile architecture includes the Easyfluo, FluoMax, and Fluo2Max ranges, along with Façade mesh and the innovative, translucent Fluoscrim fabric. These last two are ideal for building retrofitting or for projects where natural light is a key element. With Sioline's advanced coated fabrics, your architectural visions can become a reality, providing endless possibilities for innovation and design.

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