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Sioline’s coated fabrics show outstanding performance and technicity thanks to the dedicated engineering and design. On this page, you can find our keyword glossary which will give you more information about some key concepts with regards to our technical textiles.

Temperature resistance

Our Sioline coated fabrics are distributed and utilised around the world, indicating their application across diverse climates and temperature conditions. Fortunately, these technical textiles typically offer a temperature tolerance spanning from -30°C to +70°C. Certain coated fabrics in our range exhibit even greater versatility. Our fabrics maintain their flexibility, even in colder conditions, facilitating straightforward handling and use.

Thermal performances

Sioline’s coated fabrics can improve the thermal performances and the energy balance of an existing structure. Technical textiles can be used both for insulation and for keeping UV rays, and so heat, out. With block out fabrics, you can darken an area by keeping direct sunlight out, creating the desired atmosphere. Furthermore, Sioline offers low emissivity (Low E) membranes with the lowest emissivity on the market for maximum temperature regulation.


Sioline's coated technical textiles also come in translucent variants delivering the unique benefit of blending architectural aesthetics with ample natural lighting. These coated fabrics are available in various translucency levels, allowing you to control the amount of light that enters or leaves the structure. We ensure uniform translucency by meticulously monitoring the colour translucency deviation from one batch to another during our production process. Using the right translucency can turn a building into a landmark by night or a great place to be during the day, enhancing its visibility, broadening its function and increasing its appeal.

Flame retardant properties

Ensuring your coated fabric meets essential flame retardant standards is crucial for adherence to local and international safety regulations. A key feature is the fabric's capacity to resist ignition and flame spread. Sioline's products align with necessary criteria and can be tailored to be self-extinguishing, exhibit minimal flame spread, and produce no flaming droplets, depending on your requirements. Numerous international (and local) testing protocols assess textile flammability. Sioline's coated technical textiles adhere to several fire safety norms, notably EN 1876, ISO 3795 and many more. Our fabrics are also classified under fire behaviour categories M0, M1, and M2. Consult the technical data sheets of our fabrics for more details about their specific flame retardant properties.

Low wick properties

Sioline's coated fabrics with low wick attributes guarantee the maintenance of their mechanical and visual qualities under harsh conditions. Our proprietary low wick anti-capillary treatment effectively prevents the penetration of water, dirt, and fungi, ensuring durability, consistent colour, and even light diffusion. Wickability refers to water's ability to travel through fabric fibers, a process that intensifies in high humidity, potentially fostering mold and bacterial development. This can initially mar the fabric's appearance, producing unsightly yellow or brown marks and stains, particularly at seams. In severe cases, it can degrade the fabric's structural integrity, potentially compromising the entire structure.

Topcoats & PVDF topcoats

Sioline's topcoats offer great cleanability, ease of processing, and help stop plasticizer migration and the abrasive effects of the weather. They are designed to be an optimal blend of direct weldability, superior resistance to weathering, and enduring aesthetic appeal. The distinctive PVDF lacquer from Sioline elevates dirt resistance and material longevity to an ever higher level. This advanced lacquer is applied to our most sophisticated coated fabrics, specifically the Fluomax and Fluo²max ranges for tensile architecture.

TiO₂ prime coating barrier

Sioline's Fluo2max membranes feature a TiO₂ prime coat barrier, crucial for top-notch UV resistance in permanent tensile structures. Known for its UV-blocking capabilities, even a thin layer of TiO₂ provides substantial protection, similar to its use in sunscreens. Sioline employs TiO₂ nanoparticles that absorb, reflect, and scatter UV rays effectively. Combined with the Fluomax PVDF top coat, this innovative coating completely blocks UV radiation, enhancing the coated fabric's durability and supporting a 20-year warranty.

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