Sioen coated fabrics at Techtextil

As a textile producer, Techtextil, the leading international trade fair for technical textiles, is an absolute highlight for our technical fabrics division and offers a unique industry get-together.
Here, we’ll meet, product managers, R&D collaborators, purchasers and other decision makers of customers and prospects. Everyone longs to visit a trade fair physically and without restrictions, to meet with customers, suppliers and fellow competitors.


Techtextil has always been the time and place for us to launch new products, product lines, and collections. This edition, this will be more than ever, given the 3 year gap since we’ve met in person at the fair. We’re excited to launch:

  • Our new catalogues, which will be an eye-catcher at our booth. A colourful collection of 6 ranges in one easy-to-carry box holding textile solutions for the markets mentioned below. High performance fabrics without compromise.
  • Biogas fabrics & membranes: Biogas has a bigger role to play to solve our current energy crisis: on one hand to transition away from fossil sources and on the other to valorise and benefit from our organic by-products. This is a unique opportunity in time to empower our economies with solutions using biomass by-products as source of energy, not as a primary source but certainly supporting resilient communities in an organised secondary power supply grid. Flexible biogas plants are on the rise, our materials integrated in such anaerobic digester plants offer a great potential for customers being involved in the energy and agro-industrial sectors. Our portfolio provides solutions from medium to big size biogas digesters and holders, with specific and tailored properties based on your field of application and source of biomass.
  • Fabrics for Aquaculture: Sioen fabrics play an important role in today’s food production. For aquaculture, for instance, we’ve developed a smart range of fabrics used to grow and harvest the fish in all safety, reassurance and total peace of mind. Our range includes fabrics for lice skirts, open cages, closed cages, both on- and offshore nd many more.
  • Fabrics for Transport, Industry and sports: We’ll be happy to show you the most extensive portfolio on the market for this application.
  • Tent & Pergola membranes: The fabrics in this range combine technical specs such as flame retardancy, temperature resistance, (reduced) transparency), anti-bacterial and UV related characteristics with visual comfort. The Sioen range contains many varieties: plain, striped, 3D embossed, textile touch, super opaque, ….
  • Tensile architecture membranes

Detector, active trailer security

We’re happy to showcase the highest trailer security available on the market. Our product “Detector” is a trailer curtain (textile tarpaulin) containing an electrical conduct to raise a signal to the telematic system in case of intrusion in the sides, doors or roof. This active security can be applied on curtain siders, box trailers and containers.
Lightweight, active security against intrusion, can be connected to all types of telematic systems, repairable, 360° surrounding protection possible

Creating value through CSR

At Techtextil, we’ll engage with our customers about a multitude of subjects, including CSR (Corporate Social responsibility) aka ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) topics.

Our range of coated fabrics is produced with the utmost care in our own factories. We’re the only supplier of direct coated fabrics that produces the yarns ourselves and additionally weave and coat in Europe. In this process, we’re recycling all the PES waste, which is a unique asset that sets us apart from other suppliers in our business.

Through thorough research and development, we’re investigating new raw materials, new production techniques and new markets. Our concerted focus on recycling and biodegradation entails exciting new products that we’re happy to showcase on our booth at Techtextil.

We gladly refer to our dedicated website about sustainability , where you can read more than 300 articles regarding ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) matters.
We’ve been selected by the fair organization jury to feature in the “Techtextil Sustainability Program”.

Visit us

We’re looking forward to meeting you at our booth C49 in hall 11.