Sioen Direct Coating marks its first ever presence at R+T

Sioen Direct Coating, a major international manufacturer of coated technical textiles, is proud to announce its first ever presence at the R+T 2024 trade fair in Stuttgart (Germany) from 19 to 23 February 2024. During 5 days, visitors will be able to discover the many applications of Sioen’s mantra: Protection through Innovation. Whether it is protecting the environment, people relaxing on a terrace, goods stored outside, vacation-goers or workers in production halls, at R+T, you can discover the extent of the coated technical textile solutions offered by Sioen.

“We are proud to be participating in R+T 2024 for the first time in our long company history this year”, states Jan Mortier, Commercial Director of Sioen Direct Coating. “We first intended to be present at the previous edition, but covid-19 forced us to put those plans on hold. Behind the scenes, we never stopped developing and renewing our product range, however”, Mortier continues. “At R+T, we are launching our brand-new certified range of sustainable textiles: BRIO. Further, we are bringing several great new technical textile solutions, ranging from industrial to leisure-related applications, and we cannot wait to show them to the visitors”, Jan Mortier concludes.
The following novelties can be discovered on the Sioen Direct Coating booth (hall 1, booth 1A21) at R+T 2024:

BRIO range of sustainable coated textiles

Sioen’s BRIO range of sustainable coated fabrics makes its world premiere at R+T. BRIO-textiles are manufactured using high-quality recycled polyester yarn made out of recycled plastic bottles. The sustainable PVC Direct Coating contains fossil-free, bio-based resin and plasticizer. Customers can order any PVC-coated textile to be made as ‘BRIO’. BRIO fabrics have a green content of up to 90% and a carbon footprint reduction of up to 50%. Moreover, the BRIO label has been certified to be truly sustainable, as it has been submitted to stringent external auditing. Sioen is, of course, no stranger to green initiatives and is driving several EU-wide recycling initiatives. BRIO is the latest green commitment to come from this international player.

Outdoor & indoor solar screen for more comfort on your terrace

A vertical solar screen can greatly increase the comfort offered by a pergola or gazebo when enjoying some quality time on a sunny terrace. Sioen Direct Coating is launching a new style, the S5632, for this sort of application. This PVC-based textile with excellent dimensional stability is great for use in outdoor and indoor solar screens as it keep its slick look even after having been rolled up many times. The product is highly durable, dirt repelling and comes in 5 trendy colours (more colours on request).

B-roof compliant flame retardant hall roof membranes

The S6700 and S6750 are two B-roof compliant flame retardant hall roof membranes that Sioen Direct Coating has developed to make outdoor storage more secure. Both styles comply with the DIN EN 13501-5 norm with regards to their fire behaviour, making them an excellent choice to protect goods in semi-permanent structures from flaming particles. Further, the innovative S6750 (patent pending) is made with Sioen-proprietary hybrid glass rip-stop fabric which makes the textile a lot more durable and damage-resistant than similar solutions currently on the market. The S6750 is the ideal choice when high wind load or falling debris poses a challenge to your hall roof structure.

Glamping range: high-quality textiles in fashionable colours for a trendy style of travelling

Sioen Direct Coating is entering the glamping market with 2 new styles: the B8176 and B8276. The 650 g/m2 B8176 has been designed for use as glamping tent roof membrane, has a super dull embossing and comes in 6 popular glamping colours - including light ivory, taupe and coyote. The bicolor and block out B8276 is ideal for confectioners who want to offer greater comfort and longer nights in their tents. More colours are available on request.

Façade mesh: visually attractive sun protection for building

In recent years, façade mesh has become increasingly popular as a way to visually upgrade an outdated façade or increase the solar protection level of a building. Sioen Direct Coating currently offers 2 styles of façade mesh, the W090721LV and W656021LV, which are both printable for great architectural customisation options. Sioen’s façade mesh is available in different colours, including metallics.

Pergola range: fits in harmoniously with any pergola or gazebo

With its 2 styles of pergola fabrics, the B8115 and B8118, Sioen Direct Coating offers a solution that blends in with any trendy and cosy terrace. These textiles are both block out for maximum sun protection. Moreover, they are finished with a linen or cube embossing and are available in different colours.

High-speed doors in any colour you want: the world’s largest colour range in stock

Sioen Direct Coating boasts the largest colour range available as standard in high-speed doors. No less than 60+ colours are in stock at this manufacturer for this application. Besides the broad colour range, Sioen Direct Coating’s textiles for high-speed doors have varying degrees of technicity so any customer demand can be met: high durability (B6000), anti-static (B6701), noise reduction (B6353), flame retardant (B6134), ATEX and cold temperature environments, anti-intrusion solutions, etc.
In addition to the ranges mentioned above, Sioen Direct Coating will also be bringing several samples of its wider product range including tents & halls, biogas and tensile architecture to the fair. Be sure to visit Sioen’s booth at Hall 1, booth 1A21 when visiting R+T 2024 to discuss your needs in technical textiles.