Visit Sioline at Techtextil 2024

New logo
The first thing on our new stand is our new logo. Commercial director Jan Mortier explains: "Sioline was founded in 1960 by Jean-Jacques Sioen. Over the years, the name of the direct coating department faded into the background, but that is now changing. We have decided to actively use the Sioline name again."

"We can boast a rich history. For 65 years, we have been working closely with our customers to develop solutions to their challenges. Our new visual style unites that expertise and history with our future-proofing. Because we keep innovating, both in established sectors, such as side curtains for trailers, and in more recent markets such as tensile architecture and biogas plants. The 6 colour bars in our logo, by the way, refer to our broad experience and range of products. In addition, the 'O' used is a small nod to the one in Sioen's word image, as we are proud to be part of such a strong group."

As part of this rebranding, we are also launching a new website at At launch, it will provide visitors with a smooth browsing experience and efficiently guide them to the required coated textile for their application. New features will be added to this website in the coming months.

Our innovations
We will present a wide range of updated products and completely new innovations during Techtextil. "The common thread is that each of these answers concrete questions from the market," emphasises Jan Mortier. We list them below:

Boat covers: winter covers and new colours
We are launching a new collection of winter covers for boats. These protect speed and sailing boats from rain, wind and UV rays in winter. Four styles are available, including one in all-round mesh, which guarantees excellent breathability. Our coated fabrics D2360, D7460 and D9420 are now available in new colours such as nautical blue and beige. Moreover, these styles look very luxurious thanks to their finish with our new super dull calander. We would like to draw special attention to the high-end quality D9420, which is low wick. The PVC yarns are water-repellent thanks to an anti-capillary treatment. As a result, the D9420 covers stay beautiful even longer and have a longer lifespan.

Truck cover with rip-stop
Our new truck cover B8700 is extra durable. In case of a hole, the tarpaulin will not tear through thanks to its robust rip-stop reinforcement. This style is immediately available as standard in several colours.

Fire-retardant (M2) tent fabric
With our B6134 coated fabric, we meet the high demand for fire-retardant tent textiles. The product achieves fire class M2 with its low flammability. The B6134 is currently in our standard collection with no fewer than 11 different colours.

Fire containment range (M0)
At the fair, we will present our new range for fire containment. These are silicone-coated glass fibre fabrics, which are non-combustible and therefore achieve fire class M0 (A2). We have further improved our existing style, S2100, which now offers even better heat reflection. The S2150 is a new, robust style that can withstand up to 800 degrees Celsius. Both fabrics can be used for fire compartmentalisation (e.g. in underground car parks) and as welding curtains, seeing that they are totally impervious to light and sparking. The S2150 can also be used as a fire blanket for (electric) cars.

Sports mats with improved anti-scratch varnish
We developed an improved formula for the varnish layer of tatami sports mats with the familiar rice grain pattern. As a result, they are now even less sensitive to scratches.

Improved non-marring dull varnish for glamping tent roofs and flat sports mats
We have also made improvements in our dull varnishes making them even more non-marring. This updated varnish is applied to our glamping tent fabrics and flat sports mats. This extends their lifespan and makes them even more durable.

Textiles for glamping tent roofs in trendy colours
The styles B8176 and B8276 were specially developed for glamping tent roofs. They are available in several trendy, earthy shades, such as: taupe and ivory. The B8276 is standard bicolour, with the inside and outside of the tent roof being different colours. That fabric is slightly thicker than the B8176 and does not let light through (block out) - ideal for tent makers looking for a high-end finish.

B-roof compliant flame retardant hall roof membranes
Our S6700 and S6750 hall roof membranes based on glass fabric and with a fire-retardant PVC coating, are B-roof compliant. They have been specially developed to protect semi-permanent outdoor storage structures from burning particles. Both styles meet the DIN EN 13501-5 standard, which means they are highly flame retardant. The S6750 also features a hybrid rip-stop glass fabric, unique in the market. Thanks to this extra reinforcement, it is more damage-resistant than comparable solutions: the ideal choice in conditions with high wind loads or with risk of falling objects.

BRIO: sustainable coated fabrics
With our BRIO range, we are the first on the market to develop sustainable coated fabrics certified by independent bodies. The polyester fabric is made from high-quality yarn based on pre- and post-consumer recycled polyester (such as PET bottles). The PVC coating contains fossil-free, bio-based and bio-attributed resins and plasticisers. BRIO products have received both ISCC and RCS labels after rigorous audits by independent experts. The BRIO range consists of 3 green grades: R-line (recycled polyester), BIO (bio-PVC) & BRIO (recycled polyester + bio-PVC). All our polyester- and PVC-based fabrics can be ordered in a sustainable ‘BRIO’ version.